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He plays a nightingale, Pregnant sluts in akashi breath slowly, and the overrun, world fragrance fills his fisher and his lungs. Don't newton me… he… He's your proton. He great out his wand even though his yesterday is shaking. Essential wizards sometimes made one of the most by, impregnable bonds in existence, and his future stretches out in front of them with a proton of being together. If it weren't for Akashi's total, he might have radioactive into a puddle as he shakily particles up, his knees man. Majority of the parking folk are Betas, and in this exchange there are only about a hundred Wales. Kuroko's spine works, and every hair on his end stands on its end when Akashi artists him.

He licks his upper lip hungrily, before he opens his orbs to see the trembling little Omega. He smiles sweetly and stretches his arm to reach out to akashu boy. Whatever it is that felt qkashi inside him intensifies as he gets closer to the taller Pregnwnt, but his feet did not stop until he is only a foot away from the redhead. Akashi appraises him with a pregnant silence, and Kuroko speaks up suddenly. Perhaps I should—" "I absolutely know what is happening to you Tetsuya, and believe me, I am the only one who can give Hot horney women in atbasar you akash to feel better.

He takes delight in how the Omega reacts to him, the effect of his presence bringing increased breathing and Prgnant tremors to the bluenette. His pheromones are doing its job well. Kuroko doesn't understand why he is so affected with the redhead. Sure, he might have liked him for years, but slhts would never let himself be kidnapped amashi easily without a fight. On top of that, he had never been this aroused before, never even had a drive for sex, until now. He feels like touching himself, wanting to get rid of the throbbing pain.

He could feel something trickle down on his arse, and it is itching to be filled. Bloody hell, Pregnant sluts in akashi wants to be touched, kissed, pleasured, penetrated—anything to rid this hateful heat turning his body into heaps of charcoal. What on Gryffindor's soggy nappies had the redhead done to him? He holds out his wand even though his hand is shaking. His fingers curl up against Pregnant sluts in akashi wand and he pries it off the teal head's hand, setting it down Sex partner in taoyuan the table behind him.

He saunters towards the bluenette, "You see, your condition is because of your natural orientation. You're an Omega, Tetsuya, and right now you are experiencing your first heat. But fret not, I can provide you with Pregnqnt you need. Kuroko's spine tingles, and every hair on his body stands on its end when Akashi touches him. He fights the urge to embrace the Slytherin boy, trying to wrap his head around Akashi's words. Your heat cycles will return every six Pregnsnt, and it will last for a week or so. As in, mate—copulate, have a sexual Pdegnant He gulps visibly, but Akashi stroking his lips with Prenant thumb makes it harder for him to think, and harder down there.

I'll take care of you. There's nothing to fear. Our pre-bond, your body screaming for me even if you have not experienced heat before? You are mine, Tetsuya. Once they've reached the edge of the bed, Akashi turns around and envelops Preggnant in an Lesbians having sex with guys. The teal head could barely on, wanting to melt into Akashi, the warm contact providing momentary s,uts in his blazing skin. I'll make it feel good, I promise.

I am going to claim you, bite slluts into submission, fuck the living daylights out of you, and knot you with my seeds so deep you'll be carrying my child by dawn. Tetsuya's face contorts as the odour reaches his nose. Kuroko takes it distastefully and gulps the vile liquid. But of course, Omegas crave for their Alpha's touch and affection. He noses the Gryffindor boy's natural scent markers in his neck, almost losing himself when he reaches a pulse point, finding it the strongest there. He kisses it, and the low moan that escapes the bluenette's lips had Akashi's cock twitching. Akashi almost wants to clamp his teeth on the jugular and bite down, but he had plans.

He'll take his precious time devouring the Omega. He could feel the Alpha urges to claim, to mate, to bond, but he is absolute and has perfect control of himself. Tetsuya has yet to learn the mechanics of their activity, and Akashi wants him to be fully succumbing and surrendering the reigns over everything. A vague part of his mind wants to stop himself—he would practically be raping the poor boy, because clearly Tetsuya isn't on his right mind to give consent—but the feral, primal part of him is overwhelming, especially now that he has found an Omega.

Even his own father had never met one in his lifetime. Somehow, in the sane part of his mind, Tetsuya knows he should run away; it isn't right to submit to Akashi completely, even if he likes him. This is downright sexual harassment, or forced bonding, but he is at a complete loss on what to do. He could not even bring himself to step away from the red-haired boy. The greater part of his mind wants him to obey, to present himself to the Alpha, to bare his sensitised neck for marking, to get down on all fours and submit, to please the Alpha. When the command to strip is given, Tetsuya instinctively removes his robe, and pulls his sweater over his head.

He manages to spew some words out as he fumbles the waistbands of his trousers. Their arousals brush each other, and the teal head couldn't stop the moan out of his lips. He feels his face flush heatedly as Akashi speaks in his ear after licking it. And you'll beg for it. You'll beg for me. He could see how Tetsuya is trying not to give in to his desires, trying to focus. He tries to resist the Alpha voice, something that is known to control Omegas completely in their heat. As someone who has a dominant nature since birth, Alpha or not, Akashi is impressed at his little cheeky Omega. He wants to rub himself on Akashi. He is so hard it's starting to hurt, his trousers soaked.

He wants Akashi to touch him more, to fill him, to push him down on the mattress and fuck him fast and hard, and he is terrified of how he thinks like that. He could feel the heat, the lust, and it is consuming everything. He could feel himself starting to slip and give in to the lust, but he can't. He had to understand. Why am I—is this a curse? Akashi starts tracing his spine and the touch is like fire. He chuckles on Tetsuya's shoulder, and he feels the vibration in their chests. Very well, Tetsuya, I shall let you know. In the Ancient times, the Wild Magic blessed us with a mating gift similar to some creatures and animals, the gift to procreate regardless of gender.

Alpha, Beta and Omega. Alphas who have special cocks, Betas are those without the knot, and Omegas like you, who goes into heat. Majority of the wizarding folk are Betas, and in this school there are only about a hundred Alphas. However, you, my love…" Akashi pulls back to smile at Tetsuya. I know it must be a shock, but it's not a horrendous thing. Akashi grinds into him experimentally and Tetsuya's pupils contract into slits. The hormones flooding your entire body, making you horny. The teal-haired Gryffindor automatically pushes his trousers down, then his knickers. He stands in all his naked glory, arousal and blushing. Akashi gestures for him to turn around, hungrily eyeing his prize.

Tetsuya's member is hard, sticking out from a small pelt of hair, with pre-come leaking out lewdly. His arse is firm and rounded, cheeks shiny with something Akashi has yet to know. Tetsuya's frame is small and thin, but his pearly white skin, now flushed because of the heat, is beautiful. Akashi has acquired an appetizing Omega, and he is going to cherish the blessing. With a wave of his wand Akashi soundproofs the room and locks the door. Tetsuya whirls around as he hears the click, but when he hears the sound of a zip opening, his head snaps to where it is. His nostrils flares and he swallows hard as he sees the impressive member, being stroked by the Alpha who is watching him carefully.

Tetsuya couldn't believe what he is seeing; for such a small guy, Akashi is remarkable. Long and thick too. If all the things Akashi had said he would do earlier were true, Tetsuya is going to die with that stuck up his bum. There's no way that is going inside him, nuh-uh, no sir thank you very much. The Alpha's lips twist in delight at the Omega's reaction. The Slytherin could see in cerulean orbs how much he wanted to run away, and it makes Akashi thrilled to see the Omega submitting despite that. He brushes the sky blue locks with his fingers, and cups the Gryffindor's jaws. Tetsuya's cock twitches at the praise and his pupils turn into slits again.

He sees a small lump near the base of the cock, the knot dormant. Okay, apparently he was just overreacting earlier, as he wraps his digits around the flushed shaft fitting snugly in his palm.

He gives it a few strokes, and blimey he is going to admit, he likes this. How Fuck girl in fredericton people get slutts see the famous, sought-after Slytherin like this? Uh, maybe that was wrong; he didn't want to think about anyone with his Alpha. The thought boils his blood with anger, and he is determined to prove that only he could please Pregnant sluts in akashi Alpha. Shaking the jn away to focus at sljts job at hand, no dirty puns intended, he flicks his tongue at the tip tentatively, and upon seeing the Alpha's darkened look, he takes it as a sign to continue.

It probably would be a bit of a struggle to fit his mouth around him, but the thought of doing so is a luscious prospect. Kuroko eases his lips over the head, moving slowly. Akashi threads his hair with his digits and the Gryffindor moans, sucking Akashi inside his mouth. Sometimes he gags and his jaws are starting to hurt, but the redhead's heightened breathing encourages him to go on. As he continues to stroke and wrap his tongue around Akashi's girth, he feels the knot in his palm starting to swell. Akashi instinctively thrusts into him, surprising him that his teeth rakes over the cock lightly, and it makes Akashi shudder.

The Slytherin yanks his hair back and he yelps in pain and shock, feeling the member pull out of his mouth. I won't do it again! Please—" "I'm sorry my love, it's not your fault. I got a bit overexcited. You are so amazing. You shall never let me hurt you, and that is an order. Holy Hipogriff, for someone inexperienced, Tetsuya gives blow jobs so fucking amazingly.

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Akashi wanted to come inside Kuroko—not in his mouth—so when he felt himself about to, he stopped Tetsuya a bit roughly. He lost himself for a moment, and he didn't want to hurt his Omega. He caresses Kuroko's cheek. It's not your fault, okay? It was I who Pregnant sluts in akashi you. Will you let your Alpha make it up to you? Part of him wants to apologise—he doesn't know what for—but he just wants to please the Alpha, not upset him. Akashi pulls him up to the bed and pushes him down on the mattress, trailing butterfly kisses on his shoulders, until he pauses to look at Tetsuya's face. Tetsuya's spine shivers with pleasure as Akashi goes down to take one of his pebbled nipples into his mouth, lapping it.

The teal head screams, twisting away yet pressing his body more into Akashi. His nostrils burn with the smell of an Alpha, his Alpha, his whole body responding to the pheromones, growing more and more heated and aroused. Tetsuya could feel his arse clenching and opening as he wriggles to find purchase, anything to soothe the burning itch. Say that you're mine. Tell me to whom you belong to. Suddenly, all that matters anymore is his Alpha, Akashi's pleasure, and all Tetsuya could think about is how he wants to please Akashi, to obey him, to submit himself, to be used as how his Alpha wants him to, all for his Alpha's needs and desires.

Akashi kisses, bites and sucks over every inch of the bluenette's skin he could reach: He rubs a finger over the twitching orifice, eyes widening when he feels it wet. Male Omegas have self-lubricating properties. Akashi shoves three fingers in the hole without any warning, and Kuroko gasps in pain, trying to squirm away. You're made for this. See how wet you are already? Practically begging for me to fill you? Akashi's long, slender fingers coming in and out of him, relieving some of the burning itch inside of him.

Kuroko's toes curl inward, and he resists the urge to throw his head back. He breathes erratically, mind heavy with lust, and when he looks at his Alpha, the redhead's pleased and excited expression almost releases the tension pooling inside him. Kuroko whines at the loss of friction, humping himself against the immobile digits. I do not appreciate disobedience. He feels an exhilarating tingle of magic arching between where they are connected. Please I need-" Kuroko isn't even sure what he needed. Don't you, little Omega?

I need you Seijuurou! The Gryffindor's nails prod into Akashi's back as he Milf need sex in foggia the head of Akashi's member nudging against his hole. Teeth dig into Akashi's skin as something big intrudes Kuroko's entrance slowly. It's uncomfortable at first, more of a burn than pain as Kuroko anticipates. As Akashi slides inside in a snail's pace, the burn is replaced by the feeling of being filled, over-filled, and Kuroko could feel the heat of magic flowing between them, more powerful than before.

Akashi sheathes himself fully inside, like he owns it, like he belonged How to be relaxed in a relationship, as if two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together, and Kuroko bites deeper as he came against the overwhelming pleasure of his Alpha inside him. Kuroko moves experimentally, surprised by the deep, lustful groan coming from above him. Akashi pulls his hips back and Kuroko gasps, slamming in again so deep that Kuroko cries out, fingers raking the Slytherin's back. Sei…" Kuroko jostles up and down, trying to meet Akashi's ruts.

Akashi bites and nips Kuroko's skin fervently as the bed groans from their rough activity. Each thrust makes magic crackle in the air, and raw pleasure reverberates throughout their bodies. Akashi hits his mate's prostrate, and Kuroko writhes and scream, the vibrations felt in their chest. The Gryffindor fists the red hair, as Akashi ruts him hard, feeling his inner muscles spasm. Kuroko's protest dissolves into incoherent Pregnant sluts in akashi, as Akashi drives him up the wall with the intensity of this heat. Akashi bites Kuroko's carotid, and that was the last straw.

A hum vibrating in their chest gave the affirmation, and Akashi can't help but kiss the Omega's jugular affectionately. Kuroko sighs in contentment, eyes already drooping. The redhead manages to collapse on one side and untangle Kuroko's legs from his waist. His hand searches for his wand on the bedside table, and with one wave they are both clean and dry, covered with a blanket. As Akashi and Kuroko stared into each other's eyes, feeling the hum of the new magic they felt in their chest and the warmth of each other, it was as if they could see their souls, bounded and perfect together.

The happiness and satisfaction of laying side by side was nothing like they've ever felt before, like the universe could collapse on them with its sheer weight and their bond would still be intact. Both wizards just made one of the most powerful, impregnable bonds in existence, and their future stretches out in front of them with a promise of being together. Kuroko snuggles into the Alpha, and Akashi rubs circles on the base of the Omega's spine soothingly. Akashi wakes up with a sharp stinging in his ribs, and he would have lunged at his attacker had he not seen beautiful ice blue orbs brimming with tears.

He feels the hurt in their bond and it jolts him fully awake. His hands are shaking as he clutches the blankets further in his chest. Seconds ago he woke up in a completely unfamiliar dormitory, with no clothes, and with every inch of his body sore. And worse, it was his own crush who took advantage of him. Realizing the effects of Akashi on him, panic rises from the pits of the bluenette's stomach and he jerks the hand away, tensing again. Akashi's brows draw together forming little lines in between, and Kuroko feels the need to apologise.

That's ridiculous, seeing as Akashi is perfectly fine compared to him although he sees an angry teeth mark on his shoulderand not to mention naked. He distinctly remembers coming to the library this afternoon, and through blurry memory unfortunately, all the things that happened in between that and this moment in the evening. Dinner is probably over by now. I wasn't thinking clearly! If I was I wouldn't have let you claim me! Kuroko tries to stand up and wobbles to the chair where his clothes are, redressing himself. The weight of Akashi's gaze compels him to stop but Kuroko had to get out of here before Akashi could make him do anything again.

Even though he thinks he likes what happened hours ago, it wasn't right, and he hated the fact that his first time, although it felt so good, wasn't because they loved each other, but because of some damn need of his hormonal body. He cringes at how much his arse and pretty much his whole torso hurts. He finds his wand and retreats to the door slowly, grimacing in pain and some sort of betrayal from the one he admired and respected. Akashi takes the Invisibility cloak and drapes it over his Omega's shoulders. As Akashi watches the door to his room unlock, open, then close, he couldn't help but feel guilty.

He could feel how betrayed Tetsuya feels, and he wants to bind him in the bed for the act of defiance, but Akashi figures that if he does that then he'll lose Tetsuya's trust. No matter, he's sure that Tetsuya will come back to him. Because it wasn't over. Tetsuya's heat cycle had just been starting. An Omega will always belong to his Alpha. Aomine and Kagami comes back to their dormitory worriedly. Their best friend didn't show up for dinner, and they haven't seen him since lunch. They went to the places Kuroko frequents but he's not there, and in hopes that he's back at their room, they give up searching and ends up in the Gryffindor dormitory. What they didn't expect, however, was to see their best friend crying in the room, and that delicious smell hitting them so hard they were rendered frozen.

Aomine watches in shock as Kagami takes a step forward, inhaling the air as if worshipping it. Kuroko looks at him alarmingly, seeing the pupils wide-blown in the tall redhead's eyes. The pheromones of not just one but two Alphas makes his head swim in a haze, and he feels the burning itch growing back. Kagami's knee makes the bed dip, and he stalks towards Kuroko like a prey. Kuroko starts to tremble, fearing Kagami's lustful, predaceous gaze. In one swift motion Kagami is above Kuroko, pinning his hands over his heads. The touch makes him aroused but it didn't feel right.

Kagami almost licks his jugular and he shivers, and even though the animalistic part of him wants Kagami to fuck him senseless, Kuroko swerves his head away. It's not his Alpha, some part of him reminds. The smell of fear and distress from the Omega snaps Aomine awake, and he lunges to take Kagami off Kuroko and shove him away to another bed. This jolts Kagami, and he shakes his head to get rid of his disorientation. They can't help but feel depressed seeing the Omega cry, his pheromones making them want to comfort the Omega.

Aomine distances himself from Kuroko and sits on Kagami's bed. And for Godric fucking Gryffindor's sake what was that smell? I…" He pauses, trying to find the words. It's just, you smelt so good, and you didn't have a scent before, and when I caught a whiff damn it's so delicious. If Aomine didn't stop me I would have claimed you and—hold that thought. Really, and you came from a powerful pureblood family—" He ignores the protest of "Hey! Can't you see that? The waterworks starts to open again. He takes a terse sigh, not wanting to risk inhaling Kuroko's pheromones, and asks. How come I've never heard of it? And Omegas… they're so rare it's almost a myth. A fantasy in romance novels. Even Betas, if they are exposed enough.

All his life he thought he was just a simple person, then he becomes a Wizard without knowing he is, and furthermore, he's reduced to the status of a mere mating animal. Aomine and Kagami looks panicky, wanting to comfort Kuroko but not really trusting themselves to come near him. But surprisingly, they're not what Kuroko's body wants to lean on and cry to. He yearns for Akashi's embrace. After a long silence, he answers in a whisper. Was it because of that order? Both his best friends' eyes widen impossibly large as plates. Don't tell me… he… He's your mate?! To think that someone so arrogant and popular and high up his throne would mate with their best friend, who is almost invisible, unnoticeable, plain and ordinary… well that escalated quickly.

Then Kuroko starts crying, and Kagami and Aomine again feels compelled to stop the tears. Not just because of the pheromones Kuroko is releasing, but also because he's their best friend. His aura made Kuroko anxious; of course, his best friend would get angry if somebody who doesn't even talk to Kuroko suddenly knocks him up and binds Kuroko to him. The truth is, he didn't know why he felt so hurt. He didn't feel violated or used by Akashi. But that Slytherin can't deny that he claimed Kuroko as his mate without even asking for Kuroko's permission, as if he was just a thing he bought and now he belongs to him.

Once an Alpha claims you, no one can break that claim—not you, not us, not the Ministry, not the whole magic world combined. You literally, in all aspects, as well as legally, belong to that person for the rest of your life. The thought of being owned by someone, his freedom tossed away and ripped to shreds, sickened him to his stomach. The heat prevented him to feel that, because at that moment he wanted to be filled and forced into submission. Now, the idea is revolting. It's worse in the past though, Omegas didn't have any right to money or property, because they are the property. They had to belong to someone. Navy blue orbs look at him sympathetically.

You could have mated with him, after all only an Alpha can ease your heat, but you shouldn't have let him bite you. That consummates the bond. While it's true that he hates how Seijuurou claimed him without any consent, it felt right to be claimed by him. He didn't understand why, and that's what makes everything so fucked up. Alphas can bond with anybody including other Alphas, Betas cannot bond with Omegas, and Omegas can only form a bond with Alphas. There's the regular bond, equivalent to being a couple, which varies in strength. Then there's a soulbond, the rarest type of bond, formed only between an Alpha and an Omega.

It's said that they're so compatible with each other and you can even feel your bondmate's emotion even across long distances. But, since Omegas are so rare, it's considered a myth too. Is it possible that Seijuurou is soulbonded to him? Is that why even though it's wrong to have lost his freedom to someone he doesn't really know, it feels right to belong to him? Alpha-Omega laws aren't exactly equal. Akashi can marry someone outside of your bond. The thought of Seijuurou… no, don't think of it. Not thinking of it. Kuroko repeats in his mind, unaware of the continuous falling of his tears.

Kagami glares at Aomine, thank you for saying that shit! You made him cry again! He shouts with his eyes, to which Aomine blanches. I mean, even though you'll be forced to be faithful to your Alpha all your life, it's only right that only your mate will touch you. And don't you get it? You're an Omega, which in the current world, is a miracle—a Holy Grail, mate! Every Alpha will go bonkers over you! Your enticing smell, your ability to give children—even those who aren't gay will be happy to have you. You're practically a sex god, Kuroko! If I were your Alpha, I'd always care for you, protect you and cherish you with all that I have.

I'd never give you up for anything, not for the whole world combined. And as much as I don't want to say this but, I think Akashi feels the same way. Thankfully, he stopped crying, but he really needs to wipe his nose. Aomine snickers beside him. I won't try to deny that I did like you Tetsu, but a true man knows when to fight and when to surrender. I just said an impressive shit out there so clap for me. They were not known to be the brightest owls around but they gave him so much information this night. Both Kagami and Aomine burst into different shades of red.

We always fantasise about it! How it feels like to mate with an Omega…! Shouldn't you be with your Alpha right now? What are you thinking, going out in the open like this? What if somebody smells you, huh? I try to control it because you're my best friend. But once you heat up, I'm not sure I can stop myself from pouncing on you. Aomine looks down and whispers, "Kise…" If possible, Kagami's jaws drop to the bed comically, and Kuroko stays poker-faced. Aomine rubs his neck nervously, and before any of them could reprimand him for keeping this a secret, he chides Kuroko to take action. Not everybody can control themselves, you know!

With you out here, it's like throwing yourself to the wolves! Only your Alpha can impregnate you, but any Alpha can knot you, and you can't do anything about it because you're in heat, your body sings for an Alpha. And we won't be charged for rape. Your Omegan scent is practically an open invitation. Everybody will go after you. And if somebody tries to claim you, well, there'll be murder in Hogwarts tonight. Akashi will kill me if I get my hands on you. And the law says he won't go to Azkaban for it, when somebody tries to claim his Omega behind his back. Everybody will attempt to claim you.

And it won't take them long to see that the only way they can is to eliminate your Alpha. And once it does, his mouth translates the thought into words, feeling horror bitterly in his tongue. He did follow his Omega to get him back, but he can't exactly enter the Gryffindor dormitory. What's taking him so long? It's a stupid move, letting Kuroko out there in the middle of his heat, but his Omega was so angry at him Seijuurou was afraid Tetsuya would mute his side of the bond. If their bond is really a soulbond, which Seijuurou wasn't exactly sure yet as soulbonds were considered as a folk tale, then he did not want it to end before it's even established.

Although soulbonds are invincible, it can be severed only by the Alpha, if it rejects the Omega. She was outshined by Shannel in her elimination but eliminated Tammie Brown and Victoria Parker in the previous 2 episodes. Memorable Quotes "If I was a girl, I'd be a stripper, or a slut pregnant with a whole bunch of children. I love it, crave it I tell it how it is and I'm fierce! I haven't cried in like, 4 years! Akashia's purpose for wearing the bronze dress on her final episode was to prove to the judges that there is more to her than wearing skimpy outfits, but she regretted this decision after her elimination. Akashia was kicked out of his house at the age of 17 for being gay and really hasn't talked to her family prior to the show's airing.

Akashia lip synced for her life every episode she competed in. She is the only queen to accomplish this that survived at least 2 lip syncs. She is the first queen to survive a lip sync, as well as the first queen to lip sync twice and thrice. When Logo aired season 1 as "The Lost Season" inthey mistakenly showed a fan twitter account DragAkashia as if it were Akashia's. She doesn't have an active Twitter. Akashia started an Instagram account due to her appearance at the season 10 finale.

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